Foster Home Needed

We are always looking for foster homes for aniamals who have nowhere to go.  We deworm, vaccinate, test them for diseases, microchip, and fix them…then kick them out from our house, of course. If you have a space, even a bathroom, please consider to foster one. It’s possible to adopt your foster kitten but we will ask additional questions for further screening and adoption fee still applies.

  • The kittens/cats will be tested for feline leukemia, FIV, and heart worm before being sent to foster homes.
  • Medical cost can be covered but more than $300 of vet cost must be approved by the board members.

—How to Become a Foster Family—
1) Fill out foster application form below.
2) We will contact you if you are approved as a foster family.
3) Take care of the foster kitten until he/she is ready to be adopted or adopted by a foster family.

4) Meet potential adopters and adopt them out from your home if you think the animal and the family are good match. You can bring your foster animals back to us anytime.

—Rules for foster animals—

  • Keeping the cat INSIDE the house at all time.
  • Foster parents are charged with monitoring the animals’ weight, mental development and growth. Any misbehavior or/and signs of illness must be immediately communicated to a staff at RAIN Seattle.
  • You must visit an approved veterinarian unless it’s too far.
  • Foster parents must respond within 24 hours to communications from. RAIN Seattle or potential adopters.
  • RAIN Seattle is not responsible for any damage that caused by the foster animals in your house.

If you are interested in fostering one, please fill out a foster family application form.

Foster Application Form - Cats

Please read everything above before filling out an adoption form.
  • ----About Your Home---

  • ---About Your Family---

  • ---About Your Pet(s)---

  • ---Plan for Your New Cat---

  • --Agreement--