Neko030My name is Clyde. I’m a 12-year-old cat and will be 13 years soon. My mom told me that I am a “senior” cat but I didn’t think so because I have a lot of energy. I’m good at hunting mice but I usually hunt moles and bring it home because I want to show off my hunting skill to my mom. Yeah, every time I bring a mole in the house, everybody looks impress by that. when I don’t have anything to do in winter, I just bite Horatio’s butt (from behind) I’m a hunter, you know.

Horatiopooh_006 I’m Kuro. I used to live in the woods in Ames Lake area and was captured by humans. They neutered me without asking me, and they promised me to give me a lot of can food if I became their cat but the promise had been broken. Yup, I’m still living with them because living in a house is better than living outside. I don’t want to eat mice and frogs any more, and don’t want to walk outside looking for food because my paws won’t take it any more. I once (or maybe more) ate a mouse and threw up…my stomach has become a “gourmet stomach” I guess.

Cats_in_fall_052Hello! I’m a cool orange tabby, Horatio. I’m a common five-year-old who like walking the front yard and try to escape from my mom’s supervision. Well, I usually get caught because I can’t run fast for an obvious reason. My best buddy is a black cat, Kuro and the enemy is Clyde. I love eating, sleeping, and being groomed by Kuro. My new year resolution is…..losing weight just like other people.

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