Live Kitten Cam

Sorry, Kitten Cam is under construction

Kitten Live Camera
You will see more kittens in summer.

Go Kittens, Go!
How to see the kitten cam
1) Use user name: “MCAT”(all caps)
2) Leave blank in the password box
3) Accept the activeX and “run” it
(the kittens are from West Kitten Room)

ActiveX won’t show up?
In Internet Explorer go to Tools Internet Options > Click the Security Tab, click on Trusted Sites (the green check) to make it active.
Click on Custom Level… Scroll down to under the Active X Control Settings…”Allow active x and plug-ins” > click “enable” on “Allow active x filtering”

If this fails, you can always try using the Reset button to turn all settings back to a custom level. Try medium first (under trusted sites of course), if that fails try low.  My security level is medium.

* The camera is offline during cleaning hour.

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