No puppy for small children, why?

We abide by the Humane Association’s recommendation on children & dogs/pups.  Although, they recommend the minimum age of the youngest child, for any dog adoption to have a relatively good chance of success, to be at least 7 years old. We limit this policy to 8 years old.

Reason 1: Small children who are under the age 8 cannot reliably understand proper dog behavior.  If a dog is submissive, a child’s likeliness of injury is lower; however, there is risk of your child getting nipped or knocked down if a dog attempts to be dominant.  Once a dog nips a child, the dog will be labeled as a “biter” which can cost the dog’s life if ever sent to a shelter.Reason

Reason 2: Small children tends to move unpredictably and run around, and young dogs/puppies are inclined to chase them.  A child often screams with high-pitched sound which causes a puppy to get excited and chases a child even more.  In this situation a puppy often nips a child as if playing with a littermate.  

Children are not perceived by young dogs/puppies the same way that an adult human is.  The result often is that a child becomes afraid of the dog, and is truly not enjoying the experience. The animals are then either crated or relegated to the yard, or taken to a shelter.  Every single case won’t apply to this but we don’t want to take a risk.

We would like to find the best matches for dogs and families.  We do have a process for considering exceptions to the rule with the approval of our board members.  For example we would consider an exception for a family with a lot of dog experience, extra time, and willingness to send a puppy to an obedience class, and a dog boarding or/and hire a dog sitter.  

We appreciate your understanding and acceptance of this policy.

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