Adoption Process and Donation Fee

All of these dogs and puppies live in Redmond, Washington. If you live in this area and are thinking about adopting one, please contact us.

***For dog and puppy adoption, home visit is required***
All the dogs who are 1 year old are tested for heartworm and puppies over 4 months old have rabies vaccination prior to adoption. They are given DA2PP for dogs and puppies at appropriate age, treated for external and internal parasites, and microchipped.  For puppies under 4 months old, we ask new owners to have her/him spayed/neutered at thier appropriate age.  Any other medical care that is needed is also provided such as treatment for illnesses common to shelters like kennel cough.

********Adoption Process*********
——-For People Who are Interested in Current Available Dogs/Puppies——-

1) Fill out an adoption application form 
2) If approved, set up time for meeting
3) Meet with all the rescued animals at their home and choose whomever you think he/she is right for you
4) Adopt the one after passing home check.

Adoption donation
Kittens (3-6 months old) $150
Cats (7 months-under 2 yr old)
Cat over 2 years old
Dogs/Puppies $100 to $300

********Dog Adoption Fee Includes*******
Spay/neuter (exclude puppies under 6 months of age)
Starter dog food
Two DA2PP vaccine for a puppy and bordetella
30 days of pre-paid pet health insurance*
(If you choose to accept, your newly adopted dog or cat comes with
30 days of pre-paid pet health insurance, for which you can
purchase extended coverage.)
We accept cash and check

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