Happy Tails

Adoption 2016
Sherlock                             Watson                                    Hanna
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Marco                                      Mia                                             Fiero
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DaisyDSCN1205 SesameGuest House Kittens Indivisuals10
QuinnDSCN0812 AkinaDog Room Kittens
WafflesGuest House Kittens Indivisuals2 OpieGuest House Kittens Indivisuals4
Leah DSCN0802 ButtercupGuest House Kittens Indivisuals5
EricaGuest House Kittens Indivisuals YumaGuest House Kittens Indivisuals3
SmudgeDog Room Kittens5 AaronDSCN0876
Miaimg_1335 CaraGuest House Kittens Indivisuals6
WinterGuest House Kittens Indivisuals7 JinxGuest House Kittens Indivisuals9
ZoëDSCN1241 EchoGuest House Kittens Indivisuals8
Charlieimg_12781 OliverDog Room Kittens8
ChloeDSCN1321­­ Lunaavailable cats in September
Sarabi (Siamese)Siamese Mom

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We have adopted out about 600 animals since 2006 and they are part of them.

Nine Puppies in 2012 have been adopted

Archie: Adopted in November 2011

Juliet: Adopted in November 2011

Adopted Cats
Cheese victoria cheri
Cheese Victoria(female) Cheri

Available Kittens Available Kittens
Theo (Adopted 1/6/12) Kali (Adopted 3/30/12)

Leah: Adopted Sophia: Adopted Fiona: Adopted Noah: Adopted

Future Available Future Available Future Available Kitten Available Kittens

Kiki(Tuxedo) and Forrest: Adopted. Nico:Adopted Monty:Adopted

Future available kitten Future Available Future Available

Chai & Felix: Adopted, Feb.20
Available Kittens Available Kittens

Bailey: Adopted Buster: Adopted Yuki: Adopted CIMG2878 CIMG2964 Sydney: Adopted Cotton: Adopted Bandit: Adopted CIMG2982 CIMG2996
Amber: Adopted Cinder: Adopted Max: Adopted
Puppies Week Four3 CIMG2764