Available Cats and Kittens


–Location: Redmond, WA
–Adoption Application Form
–Indoor only and no declaw policies.  Please read our other policies before filling out an adoption form.

We are looking for forever homes.  We were born on 4/7/16.  A female tabby, Alice and a black kitty, Fiona are available for adoption.  They are a litter of 9 coming from CA with their mom.  They have been living in a foster home and healthy.  They have beautiful spots, skinny and long bodies and faces.  Alice is a bit shy and Fiona is playful.  If you have any question, feel free to contact us at: cutefosterkitten@gmail.com

Fiona (Female, 19 months old, social, playful, independent)

Alice (Female, 19 months old, shy but affectionate lap cat)

Oliver (Male, Tuxedo, 5-6 months old, affectionate and mellow)
IMG_7004Grace (coming soon)

—Kittens under 6 months old—

–Before filling out an adoption application–

We rely heavily on applicants’ pet history for approval, so we appreciate that if you can tell us details about your current pets and pets in the past.  (i.e. we want to hear about how you lost your pets, what your vets said about conditions, treatments, what you had done.)

We have received high volume of applications.  We are reviewing all of them as soon as possible.

Noah (HOLD)

Chloe: 6 months old 

Violet, Available for adoption
Female, born in July(?), shy but affectionate.  Family with no small children


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